The bolded words highlighted on the cover of the Indiana Minority Business Magazine

Crystal and Noell Allen are the dynamic duo! Crystal is a CPA and Noell is an attorney. They’re a movement by themselves, but a FORCE when they’re together. See the statement below from the President and Chief Editor of the Indianapolis Recorder and Indiana Minority Business Magazine.

The Indiana Minority Business Magazine (“IMBM”) released its fourth quarter issue titled Power Couples and Family Business. The cover attached features Crystal and Noell Allen, owners of A Total Solution CPA & Consulting Services.

On the cover choice, IMBM President Shannon Williams states, “The Allens are triple minorities: they are African-American, female and lesbian. In a predominately conservative state like Indiana, that could be intimidating for even the strongest individual, but our two cover girls take their distinct categorizations in stride, as they are committed to raising their young daughter, expanding their business and advocating for a multitude of issues.”

“It is the goal of IMBM to highlight the best in Hoosier business and to provide a platform for those that have been traditionally underserved and underrepresented in the business sector,” said IMBM editor Ebony Chappel . “We are proud of the work we do here and hope that it inspires a new brand of bold innovation and entrepreneurship that champions the spirit of inclusivity.”


The Indiana Minority Business Magazine is a statewide publication that focuses on business, lifestyle and diversity. It is published by the Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper and distributed quarterly.

Copies of IMBM are available for no charge at the Indianapolis Recorder office (2901 N. Tacoma Avenue) and at various retailers across the state.

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